Community College Undergraduate Research Colloquium

General Information

“Who, What, When, Where, Why and How”

Who is sponsoring the colloquium?

The purposes and goals of The Empire State Association of Two-Year College Biologist (ESATYCB) is to foster excellence in biology education by providing a forum for discussion of teaching principles, practices, and problems, and of current developments in biological research; and by offering annual scholarships to two-year college students planning to continue their education in a biology-related field. ESATYCB represents faculty from over 34 SUNY community and 2-year college campuses.

The Community College Undergraduate Research Initiative (CCURI), is a National Science Foundation (NSF) funded project designed to support community college faculty in their efforts to incorporate an undergraduate research experience into their science curriculum. The CCURI provides a wealth of resources and research that all converge on the same core conclusion–the best way to “learn” is to “do.” In science, this means that in order to learn science, you must “do” science. CCURI is creating a network of individuals and programs involved in using undergraduate research and project-based learning as an educational tool facilitating this educational reform movement.

What is the CCURC?

The primary purpose of the Community College Undergraduate Research Colloquium (CCURC) is to provide a regional scientific assembly for the presentation of research by undergraduate students enrolled in community college science programs. This venue provides an opportunity for community college students to receive recognition of their research efforts from scientists and faculty in their fields. Also, this venue showcases the scientific talent that is developed by community college faculty who employ project-based learning.

When is the CCURC?

The venue for the CCURC is the ESATYCB annual conference. This year being hosted by Onondaga Community College on April ##, 2011 in Syracuse, NY.  Registration begins Friday with a reception that evening. Poster presentations, and judging, will take place on Saturday concurrent with plenary sessions. Awards will be presented after dinner prior to the keynote address. The traditional nature hike is followed by breakfast on Sunday morning.

Where is the CCURC held?

The host institution of the ESATYCB annual conference will provide information on hotel accommodations and conference details. Students presenting research will also be contacted with specifics on their poster assignment. Student Stipends and Faculty Travel Grants are available.

Why should you and your students attend and participate in the CCURC?

You should attend the CCURC to network with community college faculty and students who are using research as an educational tool. Find out how to integrate research into your curriculum, how to scale up your current project-based learning, or how to start/join a project. If you plan to have your students participate you can receive critical feedback on their research projects.

And your students should attend to showcase their talents and compete for award recognition!

It will sure look good on their curricula vitae.

How do my students participate in the CCURC?

Oct. 1, 2011:

– deadline to submit the Notice of Intent to Participate

Dec. 1, 2011:

– deadline to submit an Abstract on your proposed research (see specific guidelines)

– student ESATYCB membership registration due

– faculty sponsor ESATYCB membership registration due

Feb. 1, 2011:

ESATYCB conference registration due

– deadline for CCURI Student Stipend and Faculty Travel Grant applications

Apr. 1, 2011:

– submit a final Abstract on research completed and a PDF of your Poster (see specific guidelines)

Apr. 29 – May 1, 2011:

– attend the ESATYCB Annual Conference


2020 Annual Conference

THEME: Looking Forward: Biology Education in the Future
HOST: Dutchess Community College
WHERE: Poughkeepsie, New York
WHEN: April 17-19, 2020