Membership Benefits

Conference room full of people.

Want to meet colleagues across New York State teaching similar students at similar institutions?

Want to “compare notes” regarding teaching techniques?

Want to know if you are in the “mainstream” of your profession?

If you are a faculty member in a small department and feel that there is little interchange among similar-minded faculty or if you feel a need to reach out to others who are dealing with similar situations to assess your approach, consider becoming a member of the Empire State Association of Two-Year College Biologists.

Even if you are a member of a large department, ESATYCB offers you the opportunity to share your educational experiences and philosophies with others across New York State.

Besides the collegiality in ESATYCB that allows us to be free and frank in our collaborative discussions of the student body, pedagogy, and institutional policies, we support each other in our endeavors. We, as well as our students, benefit from this cross-pollination of shared experiences. In a way, ESATYCB becomes “family” to us.

Specifically, as a member of ESATYCB:

  1. You can actively participate in this process
  2. You can vote for the members of the Executive Board
  3. You will receive biannual issues of the ESATYCB Newsletter (ESATYCB-specific news, as well as biology, biology education, and related news from around the state and/or country)
  4. You will have a discounted registration fee for the Annual Conference (update speakers, seminars, and workshops which enrich your continuing education)
  5. You will help support outstanding students from two-year colleges around the state to pursue their degrees in biology through the ESATYCB Bonnie Glickman Memorial Scholarship
  6. You will have access to the ESATYCB Membership Directory so that you can easily contact members across New York State (engage in discussion forums, query members about issues that affect your institution, announce meetings and workshops of interest to your colleagues, etc.)
  7. You will have access to archival records of past ESATYCB Newsletters, Annual Conferences, and Annual Business Meetings
  8. You will have access to Position Statements of Policy endorsed by ESATYCB
  9. You will be able to access links to other professional organizations in biology (NABT, NYBTA, MACUB, HAPS, etc.)
  10. You will have access links to Career Resources, Biology Researches, and other fields related to biologists

If any of the above appeal to you, consider joining your colleagues in the Empire State Association of Two-Year College Biologists. You will be glad that you did and so will we.


2020 Annual Conference

THEME: Looking Forward: Biology Education in the Future
HOST: Dutchess Community College
WHERE: Poughkeepsie, New York
WHEN: April 17-19, 2020