Scholarship Background & Criteria

Students working on a DNA model

Empire State Association of Two-Year College Biologists
Scholarship Award Application

Chosen by the ESATYCB scholarship committee, the recipient of the award is a student from a two-year college who plans to pursue further study in biology or a related field. Selection is based on academic achievement, individual statement of goals, faculty recommendations, and potential in the field of biology.

ESATYCB offers awards of up to $1000 to outstanding biology students in New York State who expect to receive Associate degrees, and who plan to continue their studies in biology or a related field. Some transfer colleges and universities have agreed to either match or exceed the monetary award from ESATYCB. All students who have completed a minimum of three biology courses or who have completed 2 biology courses and have at least one in progress at the time of application (two of the 3 biology courses must have a laboratory component) and who have an overall grade point average of 3.0 or better are invited to apply.

All application materials must be postmarked by April 1st. Ineligible, late or incomplete applications will not be considered for an award.

  1. Complete the application form, including the essay described at the bottom of the application, and send both to the address of the Immediate Past-President as indicated on the application. All applications must be typed or word processed, and the essay must be double spaced.
  2. Ask two instructors from your college (at least one of whom must be from a biological discipline) to write letters of recommendation. These letters should be sent directly to the Immediate Past-President, whose address is indicated on the application form.
  3. Have your college mail to the committee an official transcript, current as of March 15th.


2020 Annual Conference

THEME: Looking Forward: Biology Education in the Future
HOST: Dutchess Community College
WHERE: Poughkeepsie, New York
WHEN: April 17-19, 2020